About the site/me

Hello everyone my name is Ben, I am 19 years old and this blog is a place to talk about indie games, review indies, and go over other gaming related topics! I have always have a real soft spot for indies ever since I began to tinker around in the game dev field. When I play an indie I know I am playing someone’s vision for a game and it’s a really cool feeling. I’m hoping to be  able to talk to a few indie devs and shine some light on some lesser known but amazing little indies.

This blog is just a side thing at the moment so the posting of blog post might vary but I will put out quality content whenever I can get a chance too. It takes time because I will want to play the indie game for enough time to get a real throughoh idea of how the game is. Sometimes that can take a few hours and sometimes it can take a few days. I don’t want to waste any of your time so I want to make sure you are getting the best content for your time!

I hope you all enjoy this blog as much as I’m going too!

– Ben