Eclipsed – The Tale of Two Lovers In A Dark And Ever Changing World

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Eclipsed is an Adventure platform game that has a pretty awesome art style. The game takes place in a dark dark world that has these lamp post thingies which provide some light. If your platform doesn’t have light around it you’ll fall to your death and have to restart the level. You play as a boy who is looking for love and meets a girl who is perfect for this boy in basically every single way. You can change between these characters freely to help you get through the puzzles but if either one of the characters dies you have to restart the level which can be very frustrating at times.

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Now this game is pretty fun for what it is. The story was okay, but the puzzle platforms were the real draw. They really made you think and required you to consider every move. They’re nothing too crazy difficult but there’s definitely a few that make you wanna pull out some hair. I found it super satisfying after being stuck on a level finally figuring it out and what to do.

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A few things that I wish could of been added or tweaked would have been the AI, the music, and the story. All of them were okay but could of been greatly improved by a few things. The AI in this game is really stupid. The girl got me killed so so so so so many times it was frustrating, I would nearly be at the end of the level and she would get stuck and drown or kill herself on a bush and cause me to start all over. Next thing that I wish could have been changed was the music. The music is all royalty free type music that I’ve heard in Youtube videos. I understand indie devs have to save money but it still feels “weird” hearing YouTube type music in a video game. Finally the last thing I wish they could’ve added to the story would be a voice over. The story wasn’t anything to write home about but having it pop up on the screen at the beginning of each level felt off in a way. Maybe this is just a me thing but I personally feel like a voice over would have help make you feel for these characters more.

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From what I have gathered the game was made by one person which is really awesome. I have a huge respect for solo indie devs. So before we jump into the review let’s go over a few things first. One, when I list a negative it’s more so feedback than actually bashing on the game. Secondly, this game is in early access but hasn’t had an update since 2017 so I believe the game has been abandoned and left to be in the early access limbo forever which is unfortunate but oh well.

Ixp000.tmp Screenshot 2018.05.21 -

Overall I thought this game was really fun! I wouldn’t pay 6$ for this game but I’m sure you could get it on a sale for a dollar or so. While it’s fun you only get a real hour of entertainment from it and that just isn’t worth it to me. I believe I got this game in some bundle a few months ago and it was worth it for the few cents I payed! I hope you all enjoyed this little spotlight and I hope to see you again!



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