Some Must Have Gaming Accessories For Any Setup!

Hello and welcome to my setup post! I’m hoping to be able to have these occasionally to give some cool ideas for some items you can add to your set up. Now, if you’re like me you are always looking for new things to add to your set up. Whether it’s RGB lighting around your monitors or a Pop Vinyl of Bob Ross inside your PC. Your set up is usually unique in some way to you and that’s the awesome thing about them. Well enough of that let’s get to the accessories!


#1 Blue Snowball

The Blue Snowball is one of the most best microphone you can get for under 60$. I use one for recording audio in my games and pairing it up with my headset is really nice. I plan on setting on a podcast at one point and the audio I get from the Blue Snowball is really crisp and clear compared to a headset mic. Now if you aren’t a content creator this might not be a huge need but if you are an aspiring YouTuber, streamer, or a podcaster then I highly recommend the Blue Snowball. (BONUS if you want extra clear audio I would advise getting a pop filter to go with it!)


#2 Acoustic Panels Studio Foam Wedges

For those of you who don’t really know what these do, they are insulation to prevent sound from getting out or in which is really nice if you tend to get a little noisy while gaming or are trying to record something and your family members are being loud. This helps reduce the noise echo in your room and for this price you can’t really go wrong. These are a must have for anyone with neighbors on the other side of their wall or just sleeping family members.


#3 RGB Light Strips

I know, I know, I mentioned these in the introduction and these are usually the most basic item in set ups but to me RGB Light Strips are essential as they can give a set up it’s own feel and make it very unique. You can line the light strips along your desk or behind your TV/monitors to make them glow. Keeping everything the same sorta color scheme is a nice way to make your set up YOURS.


#4 Long Mouse Pad

This may just be a personal preference but I think extended mouse pads look very nice on a set up compared to just a small square one. It also gives you a bit more room to move the mouse which in turn gives you more control when playing shooter games. If you don’t have one I would recommend looking into one as they can just make it look a little bit nicer and neat!


#5 Mouse Pad Cushion

I use one of these every single day. I used to go on my PC without one and it would absolutely kill my wrist. With this it helps to take that pressure off your wrist and it does a great job at that! If you don’t have one of these but experience wrist pain while playing you need to get one of these, it will seriously change your gaming or just computer experience!


I hope these help you get some ideas of some cool new things to do with your set up! If any of you know any other ideas you should let me know! My twitter is @indiesandthings and I would love to check out whatever you have to show me.

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