A Lesser Known Super Meat Boy Type Game – 10 Second Ninja X

Ten seconds, that’s all you get to complete the levels. The clock doesn’t start until you begin moving but when it does you have to make every single move count. One misplaced move and you can ruin the flow and have to start over(gotta get those three star ratings!). If you have ever played Super Meat Boy and enjoyed it then this is the game for you. I’ve personally never been very good at the speed running type games but I found this one to be a lot of fun! Alright, Alright, enough of talking about it let’s get to the actual review of the game!


The Review

If you love speed running, challenging game play, and a game that requires quick reflexes then this is the game for you! You are tasked with killing all the enemies in the map as fast as you can, the clock doesn’t start until you start actually moving which gives you a good opportunity to survey the map and determine what’s the fastest and most effective way to slice or ninja star these robot pirates. The game really makes you think and I find that to be super fun! Trying to complete the level as fast as you possibly can while trying to make your every move count is very thrilling and when those three stars pop up at the end of the level it feels like you just defeated a boss in Dark Souls.

Some other reviews on Steam said this but it is very welcoming to newcomers of this genre despite being difficult. You only need to earn one star to progress onto the next level and the amount of stars needed to go onto the next stage are very fair.

The gameplay in this game is also very tight. Every move you make feels instantaneous which is really amazing for games like these where every move counts. I didn’t play with a controller but they are settings in the main menu for it so if that’s your thing it does have controller support.


The game is listed as 10$ on Steam but you can easily find it for cheaper. Here’s a good site I use to find out some good cost from trustworthy sites. I would personally recommend waiting for a sale where you can pick it up for 5$ or less. Because while this is a very fun game it is quite short and after about three hours you may be done with it all!



The graphics are very well done for what the games worth! They’re not fantastic but they are really good. They’re simple so it doesn’t distract you from the overall game play experience which is a really nice.



The story is about what you would expect from a game like this only a little bit better. The main villian is a lot like Doctor Eggman from Sonic which makes it a little extra enjoyable. Obviously the story isn’t the main focus of this game but it does make it a bit more fun.


You can run this game on a low end PC. It’s not very demanding at all.


This game is difficult. While I did say it is welcoming to those new to the genre I use that lightly. If you don’t like games where you’re going to lose a lot before winning then you might want to stay away from this game as the difficulty can be really hard at times.

Game Length

The games only about a few hours long depending on how fast you can get through it as each level only last 10 seconds at a time it shouldn’t take you more than a day unless you want to space it out from the rage quits.



The Cinematics in this game are awesome! They’re like watching a cartoon which is really fun and makes you want to get more of them even if that requires you to go through the difficult levels to get to them. 😉


The music is okay, for this kind of game it fits but can be a bit repetitive at times.


Bugs are non existent as far as I can tell! I have not encountered one as the gameplay has felt very slick.

Overall this game is a really great indie and a good starting point for this blog. It can be quite addicting trying to beat your time and chasing those three stars. I would definitely wait for a sale unless you’re a huge fan of the speed runner genre. While this game can be a lot of fun at times, it can also be quite frustrating but obviously that’s the way the game is meant to be. I recommend giving this game a try if you are a fan of super meat boy or the speed running genre.

RATING: 8/10

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